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By Madee

Christmas Disposable Dinnerware Set

Christmas Disposable Dinnerware Set

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  • What's in the Box :  175-piece set for 25 guests, 25 dinner plates, 25 salad plates, 50 forks 25 knives and 25 spoons and linen feel foil stamped napkins
  • Durable Ivory Plates with Elegant Green and Gold accents – evoking fine china sophistication for your holiday table.
  • Safety First: Quality is Madee's Game!: 100% food-grade, BPA-free, and disposable. Madee doesn't compromise on quality.

  • REUSABLE. RECYCLABLE. INCOMPARABLE : No need to do the dishes. Simply hand wash your plates and utensils in soap and water, air dry, and they’re ready for your next event! 

  • Premium Attitude: Our plastic plates don't back down – they're heavyweight, sturdy, and ready to take on even the most substantial meals without breaking a sweat. 
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